Initiation of Thrive Zone Amager


In November 2020, the 1-year project Thrive Zone Amager, was initated by the project team encompassing Urban Digital, Studio Profondo, Gehl, Backscatter and Miljøpunkt Amager. The project received finance from the ICLEI Action Fund – a granting scheme administrated by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability in collaboration with

The purpose of the project is to investigate whether it is possible to design urban spaces where citizens can thrive – in protection from harmful air pollution. The project team therefore installed three pilots: two domes in Ørestad, and one green wall in Havnestaden/Islands Brygge respectively to test this from August to September 2021.

The decision of placing the three pilots in these respective areas was informed by extensive data collection in the period from February to June 2021. The data was  collected via Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps Api, Pop-up events, Workshops, Maptionaire and Public Life Survey. Furthermore, air quality measurements has been conducted by local citizens on Amager using sensors. In the following sections you can read more about the different methods and data.


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