Involvement of citizens and municipal experts


During the project period, we have held various pop-up events with the aim of meeting citizens where they naturally move in the cityscape.

In April a workshop was held with municipal experts on traffic, air pollution and health. Here, the project’s outline and basic issues were discussed across administrations with the aim of gaining an understanding of how the project’s results in the long run can play positively together with the municipal strategies in the area.

In May 2021, Miljøpunkt Amager hosted a bike-pitstop at the intersection by Islands Brygge Metro. The purpose here was to interview citizens who either were bicycling or walking in the area around the intersection. We wanted to know more about how they move in the area on a daily basis, what means of transportation they typically use and how they experienced the nearby green area, Amager Fælled, as well as the intersection at Artillerivej. The insights from citizen interviews informed the decision on where and what type of pilot the project group chose to do in August-September 2021.

In the evaluation phase of the project, Miljøpunkt Amager hosted another pop-up event in order to interview citizens partly in the Dome in Prismehaven and partly around the Dome at the buslet near Fields. Here, the purpose was to understand how different types of citizens experienced and used the two pilots during the project period. 


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